McElroy University Videos

Now you can easily capitalize on the resources and knowledge of McElroy at the office, in the field - wherever you are. View videos on fusion operations and machine troubleshooting and rebuild on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

On The Job

McElroy's On The Job is a series of videos that go in detail of real-world scenarious and jobsites. Helping you to get a better understanding of our fusion equipment and some helpful tips along the way.

Fusion Operations

Get detailed information on key points of McElroy's fusion equipment operations and accessories. See typical jobsite setups with our equipment and let us walk you through the operations.

Features and Benefits

Learn about some of the industry-leading features of our machines and how they can benefit you on your jobsite.

Troubleshooting and Rebuild

Find some common practices for troubleshooting, and tips to help maintain or rebuild McElroy equipment.


Discover McElroy's extensive line of polypropylene fusion products and accessories. See how they are used in the field and learn some great tips along the way.


Learn important fusion procedures and details about McElroy equipment with these informative animations.

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